DeHero Blockchain Game

Updated: Feb 19, 2022
On Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Supported tokens

Supported DeHero (HEROES) coin icon Dehero Community Token HEROES 1.19% View

About DeHero

DeHero is a decentralized GameFi application based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game claims to be the most profitable NFT project made to date.

Players stake NFT assets and unbox NFT card packs as blind boxes. The players earn NFT roles through unboxing and card mining using training strategies. As a result of this gameplay, users get DeHero's governance token HEROES.

The gameplay of DeHero has the following salient features:

  • Top Style Heroes: The game offers very cool and good-looking heroes. The collectibles have exquisite visual features. These high-value cards act both as NFTs as well as artistic tokens.
  • Value holding NFTs: Each value card has a certain amount of staked $HEROES. This equals the bottom value of each card.
  • Play to earn: Players can earn high amounts of profits through pool mining. The game also offers smooth and crispy gameplay.

Players can trade NFT cards in the NFT marketplace. There are several application scenarios available for players, for example, NFT card battles and DAO community co-governing. Some of these features will be coming soon to the game.


DeHero game screenshotDeHero game screenshot

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