Meebmaster Blockchain Game

Updated: Feb 02, 2022
On Blockchain: Polygon Smart Chain
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Supported tokens

Supported Meebmaster (MEEB) coin icon MeebMaster.com Token MEEB 0.72% View

About Meebmaster

Meebmaster is a PvP (Player vs. Player) game. It is based on the Polygon blockchain. The battles between players are turn-based, the winning players earn tokens. It has several other interesting features such as:

Earn: The players collect and train meebs for battles against other players. 

Win: Upon winning a battle, the player can claim AFK rewards which help them earn MeeCoins and exchange them for Meeb tokens.

Battles: The game has a 1v1 battle system. Each player can select three meebs out of their collection for battle. 

Leaderboard: If a player wins, they can climb up the leaderboard.

The players have two options to spend their winnings:

Farming: Players can earn extra MEEB with the included add-on farming feature.

NFT Marketplace: Players can exchange MEEB in the marketplace.


Meebmaster game screenshotMeebmaster game screenshotMeebmaster game screenshot

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