Pepper Attack Blockchain Game

Updated: Feb 19, 2022
On Blockchain: Ethereum Smart Chain

About Pepper Attack

Pepper attack is the first blockchain game to reach a 10,000 NFT collection mark alongside actual gameplay. Pepper attack is a real-time strategy-based game. The game offers tokens as rewards. Players can invest in their NFTs. Players can also earn tokens by:

  • Mining
  • Training
  • Battles

The developers have said that the first generation version of this game will be web-based. However, the next versions will be mobile-based.

Here is an overview of game features:

  1. Long-term growth: A pepper NFT is a lot more than a profile picture. Each pepper is an in-game utility. The value of NFT increases as the game evolves.
  2. Token Earning: The game offers mining features to earn MYTE. It is a tradeable token.
  3. Financially secure: The game has become self-sufficient. This ensures the completion of the roadmap despite any external funding.
  4. Community: Pepper Attack has a strong player community. There are over 14000 players.

Pepper Attack will be launching its token MYTE in 2022.


Pepper Attack game screenshotPepper Attack game screenshotPepper Attack game screenshot


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