SimbaEmpire Blockchain Game

Updated: Feb 19, 2022
On Blockchain: Polygon Smart Chain

About SimbaEmpire

SimbaEmpire is a game with history. The game is about an empire of lions that has lasted for several decades. The empire has flourished through time, and it has been divided into 6 main classes, and 19 levels represent it. The most powerful Emperor rules over the empire. The Emperor divided the empire into smaller territories and regions ruled by Kings and Viceroys.

The SimbaEmpire is based on the Polygon blockchain.

  1. Level 1-4 The working class
  2. Level 5-8 The Guarding Class
  3. Level 9-15 The Royal Class
  4. Level 16 The Magic World
  5. Level 17-18 The leader Class
  6. Level 19 The Domination Class

The characters play their roles in managing the empire. There is a hierarchal system built in this game. The Viceroy, Prince, and Duke serve as sentinels to the king to assist him in managing the territory. The Bishop protects the national religion. The guards, knights, and bodyguards are the lowest divisions by authority, but they are the largest.

We have to earn animals (NFTs) and expand our empire through the tasks offered in-game.


SimbaEmpire game screenshotSimbaEmpire game screenshotSimbaEmpire game screenshotSimbaEmpire game screenshot

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