KYC for Project Owners

Doxxing - Get your team verified to show your community your transparency.

Know Your Customer (KYC) – is the essential method of verification the identity of the project teams. CoinsGEM employs this procedure to verify the identity of the project team members. Let's make crypto space safer!

How is verification processed?

You are required to join a video call which will be recorded, and in case of rug/honeypot schemes the recording would be uploaded to your social groups for the victims of scam. We will mark your project as verified by CoinsGEM team, which will improve your trustworthiness for investors and entire crypto community.


For owners: 1 BNB

For entire project team: 1.5 BNB

How to apply:

Send us direct message on Telegram: @lookingregory

Or e-mail us at: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The fact that a project passes KYC service does not mean that we approve and recommend that project. The KYC service includes identification of the project owner. Therefore, this service will assist the decision-making process of investors. Please DYOR.