Tesla Mars
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Tesla Mars (TESM)

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

About Tesla Mars

Tesla Mars is a BEP20 Token that has been crafted by Tesla Mars Inc. to crowdfund its efforts towards better and sustainable Space technology. The token will yield bonus-like returns for its stakeholders and create a value-based investment and not a meme rally. The company will work on Mars-ready living pods, travel pods, mars ready living units, and constant propulsion technology for space crafts. This is an exciting time to be alive and be part of the great Mars race so grap Tesla Mars tokens and be a stakeholder in the future of humanity.


Presale of Tesla Mars token (TESM) on DEX exchanges

This cryptocurrency is ready to start trading on exchanges and will be launched on May 21 2023 on the network Binance after the final decision with the launch date from the owners of this project.

At the moment, the coin TESM has a Twitter with 0 subscribers and Telegram with 0 subscribers.

To help the project, you need to actively vote for it, this will help the new coin to raise its position on the site. Currently, the coin has 28 votes.

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Launch Date: May 21 2023
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